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The Gillespie Group is a full-service flooring contractor, including a floor leveling division for commercial, multifamily, and high-end residential projects.

Professional Installation for Better Performing Floors

At Gillespie Group, we offer seamlessly integrated commercial flooring solutions and services. Our unwavering dedication to exceptional service has made us indispensable partners for construction leaders, project managers, designers, and commercial brokers for over three decades.

Benefits of Working with The Gillespie Group

  • Keep your project on schedule with a team that meets time constraints
  • Projects are durable and long-lasting with precision installation
  • Certified team ensures every project meets or exceeds expectations

Services Offered at The Gillespie Group

The Gillespie Group is a full-service flooring contractor, providing an extensive selection of flooring options along with a specialized floor leveling division.


Our professional team at The Gillespie Group installs intricately designed floors made of luxury vinyl tile, carpet tile, broadloom carpet, stair treads, and more. We help you select the material and design that works best to bring your project to life with our expertly applied finished floors.

Epoxy & Resinous Floors

The Gillespie Group is a certified team of contractors that install epoxy and resinous flooring to meet and exceed industry standards. From antimicrobial healthcare floors to nonslip food and beverage buildings to weatherproof, outdoor options, our expert team has you covered.

Epoxy and Resinous Floors
Finished Underlayment


The Gillespie Group uses high quality products for pouring precision underlayment. Using underlayment, sound control mats, moisture control and other quality options, we ensure every project is built to perfection.

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

Is Professional Installation Necessary?2023-07-18T18:00:19+00:00

The Gillespie Group excels at professionally installing underlayment, epoxy and resin, and all other flooring. But is a professional necessary for these jobs, or can you do it yourself?

Installing any of these projects requires the proper tools, materials, and application to be done properly. By using The Gillespie Group, our team ensures that every service is done with high quality materials and precision, so mistakes aren’t made along the way. For a project that meets and exceeds standards, contact us today to get started with a free quote!

What Is The Gillespie Group?2023-07-18T17:58:51+00:00

The Gillespie Group is a flooring installation service created in 1985, located in Dayton, New Jersey. Our certified team of experts provide full-service flooring contractor solutions, including a floor leveling division for commercial, multifamily, and high-end residential projects. Plus, we have so many other services to offer! Check out our different service pages or contact our team if you have any questions.

Where Is The Gillespie Group Located? What’s the Range of Service?2023-05-30T14:50:54+00:00

Our main office for The Gillespie Group is located in Dayton, New Jersey, but we offer our services anywhere within two hours from our base. If you have any questions on whether you are within the limits of our service area, call or send us a message today.

How Much Do Our Services at The Gillespie Group Cost?2023-05-30T14:43:55+00:00

The price of our services at The Gillespie Group depend entirely on the type of service, how much and what kind of material is needed, and how big the project is. To get an estimate for your project, contact us today, and our team will get back to you with more details.

What Services Does The Gillespie Group Offer?2023-07-18T18:03:46+00:00

The Gillespie Group is a full-service flooring contractor that excels at installing any flooring needed for your project such as carpet, vinyl or stair trades. We even do epoxy and resinous floors! The Gillespie Group also has a floor leveling division that focuses on poured gypsum underlayment, sound control mat installation, and cementitious self-leveling flooring. On top of these main services, we offer floor prep, renovations, and more. If you are wondering whether we have expertise in an area not listed, please contact our team with questions or a free quote.

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